PWC Collider

− Visual Data −

Startup Collider


Client      |   PWC

Studio     |   Fish Ladder

Role        |   UI Artist

For the launch of PWC Startup Collider initiative I was invited by Fish Ladder to conceptualize data visuals for modern connected world.



− Future Vision −

Epson Retail


Client    |   Epson / Citizen Films

Studio   |   Mono

Role       |   Motion Design

I worked with Mono and Citizen Films on a Retail Vision video for Epson Europe. I was responsible for creating all mobile products along with augmented reality apps and some additional 2D graphics featured in the video. In this project I was able to combine both my motion skills and interactive expertise.


− Augmented Reality −

Product Design


Moverio Smart Glasses

I have designed a showroom experience for Epson AR Glasses, where customer can navigate around the store, get contextual information and real-time shopping features.


Virtual Fitting Room

Another concept I was working on was a smart “mirror” experience, where the customer can visualize different clothes and easily change color of the selected garment.


− Interactive design −

Mobile Apps


Mobile apps

First app featured a QR code initiated in-store menu, where the customer can order on his device and collect afterwards.

Another experience showcased customer journey from online browsing, through in-store visit and retail app.


− 2D design −





− Interactive Experience −

Inside Game


Pitch comps

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   UX + Design Direction

Style frames and user journey design for AAA game promo. In this online experience user travels through a world of anarchy and danger, forced to make choices, that he will not always feel comfortable with.



− Motion Design −

5ive Elements


Pitch comps I designed for a launch of new sporting goods brand.



− Heads-Up Display −

Epson Moverio


Client      |   Epson

Studio     |   Citizen Films / Mono

Role        |   UI Artist

Promotional video supporting the new Moverio BT-300 glasses launch. I was responsible for the futuristic look of dedicated Augmented Reality apps.




− Data Visualisation −

End of the World


Client    |   Media Markt

Studio   |   Platige Image

Role      |   UI Concept + Design

Movies know many versions and predictions about the end of the world. One thing we can be certain, it will be accompanied by complex interfaces and data dashboards. It was fun to design few of those for the End of the World campaign for Media Markt.



− Motion Design −



Introducing next gen of internet connection required a visual concept of omnipresent data. I was exploring various ways to show how information could take shape as a tangible element.

Client    |   Polkomtel

Studio   |   Platige Image

Role       |   Motion Design



− 3D Design −



I was always intrigued how invisible elements like data or signal could be visually represented if ever tangible. With the rise of AI, I wanted to explore basic geometries and data clues that could help us imagine new reality.

Role      |   Art Direction, 3D + 2D Design

Skills    |   Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop




− Motion Design −



Spotify commissioned Jam3 to create a series of educational (but still fun) videos. These short clips ran on video channels and in social media to help explain some of the key features of Spotify.

Client    |   Spotify

Studio   |   Jam3

Role       |   Creative + Design


Spotifying and sexifying product education.


New Balance

Define your game

− Product Demo −


Client    |   New Balance + Wolfpack / ZAK Agency

Studio   |   Mono

Role       |   UX + Design Direction

I was asked by friends from Mono  to design an experience showcasing New Balance's football boots. The result was modern and UI driven WebGL demonstration, gesture controlled and mobile friendly.


Fully interactive gesture controlled product demonstration.



− Television ID −

Al Rayyan


Client    |   Al Rayyan

Studio   |   Platige Image

Role       |   Creative Direction + Motion Design

While at Platige Image I had an amazing opportunity to design full Identity for Qatar's new TV channel, Al Rayyan. I was responsible for concept, branding and coordinating all special effects on set.


Making of




− Future TV −

Cyberpunk 2077


Client      |   CD Projekt RED

Studio     |   Platige Image

Role        |   UI Artist

I was responsible for the News TV screen designs for the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer. In the process I explored various UX options of how the news services could evolve in the future.



− Styleframes −



Client      |   Canal+ Sport

Agency   |   Havas Worldwide Warsaw

Role        |   Creative + Design Direction

I had the pleasure to design the look & feel for TV, digital and print promo materials for one of the biggest games of the season.


Shopper Story



− Infographics −





− Complex −


of Data Networks


Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Data Visualisation + Webdesign

Infographics study on social media personalities we all tend to become. Part of visual exploration for a larger project.


Creating a loyalty programme with a twist, where the goals are tangible with vivid visuals and dynamic data.


Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Infographics + App Design


Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Data Visualisation + UX

I was working with creative department inside Google to design and visualise fan activity search platform and sports data center.


Interactive concept for a real time mobile and desktop experience for football events. Live in-game interactions with the use of second screen.

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Interactive concept + Design





Digital Craft

Interactive + Experiential




Motion Works

Interfaces + Styleframes