Real-time Battle Game

The Ships

− Mobile −


Studio     |   Super Punk Games

Role        |   UX / UI Design + 2D Artist


It was a great opportunity and lots of design fun to be part of the Super Punk Games' team working on a mobile ship battle game. 

Immersive, touch-driven naval combat experience.



Home Screen

We were looking for ways to balance the essential features with the game's look and feel, so it gets the player excited about the world, while keeping the functionality.



Battle Gameplay


As an essential part of the game, there were many test and alternatives for the main battle gameplay.


Areal attack using ranges


Time-limited orders


Final Gameplay

Real-time orders with card attack

Final version of the gameplay was a mix or real-time movement and attack cards that included weapons, spells and specials.


Card based battle required creating a vibrant and interesting deck with a flexible template that could be easily adjustable and expandable for future add-ons.


Movement Interaction


We were considering adding data layer to navigation, so the player can adjust his strategy. The complexity of battle actions required more exploration to keep the navigation simple and intuitive.


Build Your Ship

− 3d Creator −


As the role of the ship increased we were exploring different ways of customizing your vessel. The outcome was a fully interactive 3D builder that included ship building rules and physics.