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Music Selfie



Client      |   Lincoln | Hudson Rouge

Agency   |   JAM3

Role        |   Creative + Design Direction


Lincoln Motors Company, Hudson Rouge, and Jam3 looked at the social landscape to identify the key instruments of modern self-expression: music, a timeless choice, and selfies, the current modus operandi. What happens when the two come together? When you’re not the one choosing the music, but instead, the music chooses you based on your selfie? The result is a truly authentic and expressive identity.

Self-expression is a major motivator for modern audiences.


01 The process

We’ve started with facial recognition technology to determine which face data points we can successfully track. With that in mind we used Physiognomy studies to create an algorithm that would connect those data points with different character features. Lastly, we had to find instrumental and sound equivalents of those features that when played together, would still end up sounding great.


02 Face to Music

With all the science happening in the background, we decided to create a layer of UI that would help users notice where the different tones come from and which face features impact particular instrument.


We wanted to create a visual that captures the uniqueness of each track.


03 Sound visualizer

Trying to replicate the originality of a human face is challenging both sound and design wise.

The result was vibrant image transformation changing your selfie to an audio visualizer. Reactive to cursor movement and the tone of each track.



− Devices −


Designing for selfie community puts mobile experience in the spotlight.


− Design −



From the start, the Playback section was the image that I knew would stay with the user after the experience.

I was experimenting with different interface treatments to achieve the modern, simplistic and lightly scientific outcome.



− Overview −


One of the most shared Lincoln's campaign ever.




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