I like to explore

Layouts + Interactions

as part of my design process.


Unlock interactive concept

I was exploring various ways of unlocking your devices that mimic physical interaction.


− Prototyping −

Interactive wireframes


Product app exploration

I like to start visual exploration in the wireframing phase to balance function with desired impact.


App section transition

One of the motion prototypes for E*Trade tablet app I designed for the company's flagship branch in New York City.


− Mobile Apps −

Motion design


Product Selection Swipe

One of the retail apps I’ve designed for Epson Retail Future Vision video.


Live Game Data

Interactive concept for a real-time mobile and desktop experience for football events. Live in-game interactions with the use of second screen.


− Webdesign −



Product presentation

Motion design for website transitions and content animation.


Corporate website

Animated flow for user journey from homepage to content details page.


Interactive article animation

Design work for an interactive road trip editorial.  Exploring motion between sections, thumbnail interactions and on-scroll sharing features.


− Motion Design −

Interaction concepts


Interactive control screen

One of multiple data screens I had fun designing for the latest Epson commercial starring Lewis Hamilton.


AR Fitting Room

This is a concept exploration I've designed for Epson Retail Future Vision video.

I was responsible for UX/UI of all apps in the video.