− Byzantium Tests −


Client      |   HBO | Cinemax

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design Direction


Designed to CONFUSE.

People love a good conspiracy – especially when they’re a part of it. That was the approach we took in this Emmy nominated campaign, created with Campfire NYC for Cinemax’s new show, Hunted.



− Walkthrough −


The show revolves around Sam Hunter, an agent of Byzantium Security, a private intelligence agency protecting the world’s elite. To develop interest in the show, we created a series of creepy psychological tests presented under the guise of a job application for Byzantium Security.


The test advances through five phases, each more intriguing than the last. Phase one, the personality test, is designed to look deceptively simple and benign. Developed with the help of a cognitive psychologist, the tests increased in sophistication while perpetuating a feeling of unease and paranoia.


− Design −



To create the progressing feel of uncertainty, I explored options that revolved around x-ray and projectors, crafting the retro look of unconventional experiments.

I've also played with simple shapes and interface combinations to match the intense and gloomy feel of the experience.


Byzantium Security

− Corporate site −


As part of the campaign I've designed the digital presence for Byzantium Security, a private intelligence agency protecting the world’s elite. Mixing show's original footage with corporate imagery produced a credible, business oriented website.

We are not for EVERYONE.

Just the 1% that matters.



− Overview −


5 Odd Psychological Tests + 1 ‘WTF’ Moment = 1.4 Million CREEPED OUT visitors.




EMMY Awards | Nominated

FWA | Site of the Day

PromaxBDA | Gold

FITC | Best in Advertising

CLIO | Silver - Mobile / Gaming

AdAge | Small Agency Campaign of the Year

Communication Arts | Best Website/Microsite

IAC Awards | Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign