Nothing beats the physical connection to the experience.



− TomorrowWorld −


A capture of the TomorrowWorld live stream features over 30 WebGL visualisations. The event streamed live to millions offering a second screen connectivity & a MotoX personalization tools.


A live-streaming, visual feast that brought in over 2.45 million users over the 3 day festival.


Smart building

− Data projection −


I was invited to explore the concept of using data inside a modern skyscrapper. I was working on ideas that could merge general information like weather, time of the day with more personalized elements (ex. mood, purpose) to bring the building to life with its visitors.


The idea was all the information we can gather impact the visualisation outside and inside the building.


Personalized interface elements projected on the ground would allow visitors to learn more about the place.



− Digital Signage −


An interactive digital experience for sports fans, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

I have designed the look & feel of an interactive kiosk, that allows fans to browse and purchase from a selection of limited edition "bobbleheads" of Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Raptors players.


A way to show fans what the future of shopping is going to look like.


Science Museum

− Data Viz Mapping −


For an upcoming Science Museum I worked with the team on interactive data visualisation that would show the universe of people's feelings around the world projected onto the facade of the musem's building.


Audience would be able to interact with the visuals, breaking down the data and learning more.