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When ideas collide


Client      |   Google ZOO | Dentsu

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   UX + Design Direction


DenZOO is a celebration of a creative exchange between Dentsu Japan and Google. The result was 20 innovative ideas, rooted into universal truth and powered by cutting-edge Google technologies.

The result was a hand-craft book printed in limited edition.

At Jam3 we were responsible for exploratory app interface designs and interactive experiences development.


Design Sprints

− Prototyping −


We’ve created over 10 different product designs and 2 working apps.


Routine Breaker

Shake things up and keep life interesting with Routine Breaker. Based on your profile, lifestyle and usual pastimes, get recommendations for new activities and events to explore near you.


Graffiti View

Become a Graffiti Artist with this Street View plugin.

The world is your canvas!


Let’s Meet

Meeting with friends should be simple. Avoid the regular messaging noise.

Use Let’s Meet to suggest place and time based on everybody’s schedules.


Hard Route

Make your city commute a workout. Raise your overall fitness with a walk up a steep hill, a ride along a bike path or a short run to your destination.



− Video −


Our approach to design transformed an assortment of ideas into something physical.