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Cooking Platform



Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design + UX


Creating a cookbook for modern times.

At Jam3 we challenged ourselves to create a recipe platform that would make cooking easier with today's technology including voice controlled step-by-step guide.


We've created a recipe platform that lives on Desktop, Mobile, and in App. The massive site allows users to search, filter, comment, rate and select recipes, manage shopping lists and plan their week of meals in their profile.



We considered various searching criteria, when looking for the most user-centric approach. We decided to move away from ingredients as the key factor. Instead we introduced occasions and prep time.


Thumbnail info

Thumbnails use color and simple icons to add layer of information (vegan, low-fat or fit).



The cooking process is broken down to easy to follow steps, rather than one long write up. Videos are short and interactive to include chef tips on cooking techniques.


Weekly planner

We've added a way to plan your meals in advance to simplify shopping for multiple days and make use of same ingredients as a way of reducing waste.



The app learns your habits and saves preferences to suggest your favourite dessert on your cheat day.



Designed to get your hands dirty.