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Sound Exploration


Client      |   Internal Experiment

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Creative Direction + Design


Tripping out on the sights and sounds of the Northern Lights.

One of the amazing things about VR is that it can take you to places you might otherwise never go. Like on a trip to see the Northern Lights, accompanied by a cool soundtrack.


An experimental audio-reactive experience, Aurora VR is a collaboration between Jam3 and the audio team at Grayson Matthews. The core idea was to place the user at the center of a spectacular interplay of light and sound. 


Do not go gentle

into that good night.


The piece was inspired by the Dylan Thomas poem – a short, enticing meditation on the passage of time. Set in the northern reaches of the Canadian taiga, Aurora opens at the precise moment of sundown. As the final rays fall behind the horizon, the opening bars of the music track usher in a rich and magical world, where the night sky fills with stars to reveal a dancing aurora. As the song grows and transforms, so does the environment.



− Overview −


Transformative and poetic, Aurora is a virtual reality ode to the wild and the wild at heart. 



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