− The −

Music Selfie



Client      |   Lincoln | Hudson Rouge

Agency   |   JAM3

Role        |   Creative + Design Direction


Lincoln Motors Company, Hudson Rouge, and Jam3 looked at the social landscape to identify the key instruments of modern self-expression: music, a timeless choice, and selfies, the current modus operandi. What happens when the two come together? When you’re not the one choosing the music, but instead, the music chooses you based on your selfie? The result is a truly authentic and expressive identity.

Self-expression is a major motivator for modern audiences.


Trying to replicate the originality of a human face is challenging both sound and design wise.

The result was vibrant image transformation changing your selfie to an audio visualizer. Reactive to cursor movement and the tone of each track.

We wanted to create visual that captures the uniqueness of each track.



We used facial recognition to translate physical features into data points. Together with Hudson Rouge and Plan8, we developed an algorithm that tied each data point to a specific note and instrument.



− Devices −


Designing for selfie community puts mobile experience in the spotlight.


− Design −



From the start, the Playback section was the image that I knew would stay with the user after the experience.

I was experimenting with different interface treatments to achieve the modern, simplistic and lightly scientific outcome.



− Overview −


One of the most shared Lincoln's campaign ever.




FWA | Site of the Day + Mobile of the Day

ADOBE | Cutting Edge Project of the Week

Creativity Online | Featured in Interactive

Applied Arts Awards | Interactive - Consumer Products

Cannes Lions | Cyber Lions shortlist

Awwwards | Experimental Site of the Year - Nominee

Awwwards | Site of the Day

Communication Arts | Webpick of the Day

Published in 'Best Websites Around the World'


Ships Battle

Ships Battle


Real-time Battle Game

The Ships

− Mobile −


Studio     |   Super Punk Games

Role        |   UX / UI Design + 2D Artist


It was a great opportunity and lots of design fun to be part of the Super Punk Games' team working on a mobile ship battle game. 

Immersive, touch-driven naval combat experience.



Home Screen

We were looking for ways to balance the essential features with the game's look and feel, so it gets the player excited about the world, while keeping the functionality.



Battle Gameplay


As an essential part of the game, there were many test and alternatives for the main battle gameplay.


Areal attack using ranges


Time-limited orders


Final Gameplay

Real-time orders with card attack

Final version of the gameplay was a mix or real-time movement and attack cards that included weapons, spells and specials.


Card based battle required creating a vibrant and interesting deck with a flexible template that could be easily adjustable and expandable for future add-ons.


Movement Interaction


We were considering adding data layer to navigation, so the player can adjust his strategy. The complexity of battle actions required more exploration to keep the navigation simple and intuitive.


Build Your Ship

− 3d Creator −


As the role of the ship increased we were exploring different ways of customizing your vessel. The outcome was a fully interactive 3D builder that included ship building rules and physics.





− Season 4 −


A World Revealed


Client      |   History Channel

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design Direction


When you have a badass epic drama with fans from all over the world (some whom are tattooing character’s faces on their bodies), ‘value’ becomes an important word when creating an interactive experience. For Vikings’ fourth season, our goal was to re-engage the awesome fans with the show.

An interactive backstage pass to the world of Vikings.


Runes inspired interface.


To create a true Vikings aesthetic,
we fused the raw and ancient world of the Vikings with modern UI and minimalistic design.


Layered content discovery.



− Devices −


− Capturing −

Ancient Texture


I wanted to mix online design with natural and structured world of not only the Vikings, but also a big film production.

Having the ability to photograph the actual set, gave me a chance to introduce physical texture to a digital experience.


− Project −

Case Study


Over 22 million viewers reached within the first month, locking in the 5th Season early.





− Street View −

Independence Day 2


Client      |   20th Century Fox

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Creative + UX


They came back, but this time we have Street View.

I remember how excited I was about ID when I was a kid. The more pleasure it was to be part of the team working on the online promo for the long awaited sequel.

Working within Google Street View, we allowed users to unleash a devastating alien attack on any location in the world – including their own home.


The experience was featured in FastCo Create, Entertainment Weekly and the Huffington Post.


Live experience

− Geolocation + Gyro −


Watch your surrounding getting smashed as you stand in the middle.




Webby Awards | Media & Entertainment

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Aurora VR

Aurora VR


− Audio VR −


Sound Exploration


Client      |   Internal Experiment

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Creative Direction + Design


Tripping out on the sights and sounds of the Northern Lights.

One of the amazing things about VR is that it can take you to places you might otherwise never go. Like on a trip to see the Northern Lights, accompanied by a cool soundtrack.


An experimental audio-reactive experience, Aurora VR is a collaboration between Jam3 and the audio team at Grayson Matthews. The core idea was to place the user at the center of a spectacular interplay of light and sound. 


Do not go gentle

into that good night.


The piece was inspired by the Dylan Thomas poem – a short, enticing meditation on the passage of time. Set in the northern reaches of the Canadian taiga, Aurora opens at the precise moment of sundown. As the final rays fall behind the horizon, the opening bars of the music track usher in a rich and magical world, where the night sky fills with stars to reveal a dancing aurora. As the song grows and transforms, so does the environment.



− Overview −


Transformative and poetic, Aurora is a virtual reality ode to the wild and the wild at heart. 





− Ford −




Client      |   Ford Motor Co. | Team Detroit

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   UI Artist


The all new 2015 Ford Mustang Customizer allows drivers to start their imaginations and customize their dream rides in real-time 3D for the first time in Mustang history. With a variety of models and environments, a collection of parts, infinite colours and decals, users can customize their Mustang as their hearts desire, down to the last letter of their license plates.

With over 3 million possibilities, Mustang Customizer truly puts the user behind the wheel of their own dream ride.



− Devices −

− Design −



Important part of the Customizer is creating intuitive yet immersive personalization interface.

I was exploring directions from gaming to editorial, before landing the final look & feel of the experience.



− Overview −


Over 7 Million Mustangs customized to date.



The One Show | UX / UI Merit - Web

The One Show | UX / UI Merit - Mobile

Webby Awards | People's Voice Award

FWA | FWA of the Day





− Street View −


Visual Journey


Client      |   Unilever Japan | Google ZOO

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Creative Direction


A traveling, virtual manifestation of Sakura’s beauty.

Sakura trees represent beauty and spirit. For two short weeks, all over Japan, people gather to celebrate this traditional milestone.

With the aim being to promote Lux’s limited edition Sakura shampoo, Jam3 designed and developed an experience that allowed users to plant virtual Sakura trees anywhere in the world.


Lead designer  |  Adam Romano


Celebrating Sakura festival with Street View.

Leveraging Google Street View, users could “plant” and interact with fully blooming Sakura trees, and share them with their friends.



− Devices −


Bringing the beauty of Cherry Blossom everywhere.

Mobile design  |  Nixson Sysanga


− Design −



Sakura is an important element of Japanese culture. We were experimenting with various visual approaches to best represent the fragile nature of this symbol.

The end result was a mix of modern interface with traditional landscape imagery and symbolic illustrations.



− Overview −


Reaching over 700,000 unique users in one month.



FWA | Site of the Day

FWA | Mobile of the Day



Nothing beats the physical connection to the experience.


Real-time data

− Installation −


Jam3 invited me to conceptualize visuals for a large data visualization installation on a digital screen, illustrating current trends in the financial market.

The visualizer created a beautifully animated WebGL experience, illustrating 33 stock lines. The chaotic nebula of particles, represents a data pull from one of the stocks.


Creating Order from Chaos



− TomorrowWorld −


A capture of the TomorrowWorld live stream features over 30 WebGL visualisations. The event streamed live to millions offering a second screen connectivity & a MotoX personalization tools.


A live-streaming, visual feast that brought in over 2.45 million users over the 3 day festival.


Smart building

− Data projection −


I was invited to explore the concept of using data inside a modern skyscrapper. I was working on ideas that could merge general information like weather, time of the day with more personalized elements (ex. mood, purpose) to bring the building to life with its visitors.


The idea was all the information we can gather impact the visualisation outside and inside the building.


Personalized interface elements projected on the ground would allow visitors to learn more about the place.



− Digital Signage −


An interactive digital experience for sports fans, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

I have designed the look & feel of an interactive kiosk, that allows fans to browse and purchase from a selection of limited edition "bobbleheads" of Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Raptors players.


A way to show fans what the future of shopping is going to look like.


Polish Tourism Expo

− Trade Show Space Design −


At Platige Image we were responsible for the concept, design and interactive installation
For Polish Tourist Organisation's Exposition at Berlin ITB 2012.

Main theme of the stand was UEFA Euro 2012 and Poland's preparation towards this event.


Part of the installation was an AR experience, where you could see 3D Stadiums and hold your very own European Trophy.


Science Museum

− Data Viz Mapping −


For an upcoming Science Museum I worked with the team on interactive data visualisation that would show the universe of people's feelings around the world projected onto the facade of the musem's building.


Audience would be able to interact with the visuals, breaking down the data and learning more.



− Second Screen −

El Clasico

Game Data


Client      |   Canal+ Sport

Agency   |   Havas Worldwide Warsaw

Role        |   Creative + UX

First ever alternative commentary game. Live match experience including social feed graph, second screen voting and stats.



We've created dedicated websites (different for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid fans) to back their team and score players' performance.



Fans could use their remotes to select the commentary in favour of their team.



Users could follow social buzz on their devices with live social stream analysing posts in favour of their team and vote on controversy or coach's decisions.



When pivotal points of the game happened, we were delivering custom art, so the fans could instantly share their support.



Prepared for both online and tv, summary of the game and fans' social activity brought the on-field and the off-field engagement together.


It was the most watched El Clásico in the last 3 years.




Cannes Lions | Promo & Activation Shortlist

Golden Drum | 2*Gold + Silver

KTR Polish Ad Club | 2*Gold + 2*Silver + 2*Bronze

Innovation Awards | 2*Gold






− Byzantium Tests −


Client      |   HBO | Cinemax

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design Direction


Designed to CONFUSE.

People love a good conspiracy – especially when they’re a part of it. That was the approach we took in this Emmy nominated campaign, created with Campfire NYC for Cinemax’s new show, Hunted.



− Walkthrough −


The show revolves around Sam Hunter, an agent of Byzantium Security, a private intelligence agency protecting the world’s elite. To develop interest in the show, we created a series of creepy psychological tests presented under the guise of a job application for Byzantium Security.


The test advances through five phases, each more intriguing than the last. Phase one, the personality test, is designed to look deceptively simple and benign. Developed with the help of a cognitive psychologist, the tests increased in sophistication while perpetuating a feeling of unease and paranoia.


− Design −



To create the progressing feel of uncertainty, I explored options that revolved around x-ray and projectors, crafting the retro look of unconventional experiments.

I've also played with simple shapes and interface combinations to match the intense and gloomy feel of the experience.


Byzantium Security

− Corporate site −


As part of the campaign I've designed the digital presence for Byzantium Security, a private intelligence agency protecting the world’s elite. Mixing show's original footage with corporate imagery produced a credible, business oriented website.

We are not for EVERYONE.

Just the 1% that matters.



− Overview −


5 Odd Psychological Tests + 1 ‘WTF’ Moment = 1.4 Million CREEPED OUT visitors.




EMMY Awards | Nominated

FWA | Site of the Day

PromaxBDA | Gold

FITC | Best in Advertising

CLIO | Silver - Mobile / Gaming

AdAge | Small Agency Campaign of the Year

Communication Arts | Best Website/Microsite

IAC Awards | Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign


Cooking platform

Cooking platform


− Mobile first −

Bom Apetite

Cooking Platform



Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design + UX


Creating a cookbook for modern times.

At Jam3 we challenged ourselves to create a recipe platform that would make cooking easier with today's technology including voice controlled step-by-step guide.


We've created a recipe platform that lives on Desktop, Mobile, and in App. The massive site allows users to search, filter, comment, rate and select recipes, manage shopping lists and plan their week of meals in their profile.



We considered various searching criteria, when looking for the most user-centric approach. We decided to move away from ingredients as the key factor. Instead we introduced occasions and prep time.


Thumbnail info

Thumbnails use color and simple icons to add layer of information (vegan, low-fat or fit).



The cooking process is broken down to easy to follow steps, rather than one long write up. Videos are short and interactive to include chef tips on cooking techniques.


Weekly planner

We've added a way to plan your meals in advance to simplify shopping for multiple days and make use of same ingredients as a way of reducing waste.



The app learns your habits and saves preferences to suggest your favourite dessert on your cheat day.



Designed to get your hands dirty.





− Book −


When ideas collide


Client      |   Google ZOO | Dentsu

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   UX + Design Direction


Denzoo is the result of a unique collaboration between Dentsu Toyko and Google Zoo. Working with the two companies, Jam3 created a commemorative book that catalogued the innovative ideas, exploratory app interface designs, hardware, and interactive experiences that came out of this partnership.

The book offers a rare glimpse into the creative process of the advertising world.



− Design −


Developing selected ideas into prototypes.



− Details −


Inspired by the Japanese indigo, I've designed a series of patterns to distinct each chapter.



− Video −


Our approach to design transformed an assortment of ideas into something physical.





− Visual Breakdown −

The Witcher


Client    |   CD Projekt RED

Studio   |   Platige Image

Role      |   Information Architecture + Design

The intro to “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” for the Xbox 360 is a result of nine months of work by Platige Image.

This visual breakdown of the painstaking work behind the animation is an expression of admiration for the entire team’s efforts in making this cinematic masterpiece.


Data Design

− Process −



− Version −


− Title Sequence −



This concept title is for a made up film called "A W A Y" about "A man who leaves Earth to start new life on a distant planet. Before falling into hibernation he takes his last glimpse on the surface of his home and reflects on a dark secret that led him to this decision."

My goal was to highlight both sci-fi and dramatic character of the film. I've decided to add organic and personal feel to classic space footage in order to create sophisticated environment. I've also explored using subtle double exposure to play with layered storyline and film's mystery.

The beginning of the animation introduces the idea of leaving Earth. As we move focus to the shuttle, we start to see flashbacks from main character's memory superimposed, almost projected onto the interior of the ship.


Epson Hamilton


− User Interface −

Epson Printer


Client      |   Epson

Studio     |   Citizen Films / Mono

Role        |   UI Artist

I was responsible for design of multiple dashboards and interactive screens for high-tech Formula 1 team research facility in Epson's new video starring Lewis Hamilton.


− Interactive −

Touch Screen


− Rich Data −



− CCTV −

Surveillance System


The Island

− Opening Titles −



Styleframes for a TV Show opening titles. The show is about castaways living on a deserted island, finding their ways to survive.


Role      |   Art Direction, 3D + 2D Design

Skills    |   Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop


The animation concept is a low-poly raw landscape that is being visited by firefly-like objects. It starts by following one of the fireflies/contestants. As the movement speeds up, we switch to an isometric view of the island, reveal more contestants arriving at the location and highlight more information about the show. The image changes again to a landscape panorama, pulling the title from water.




− Corporate video −

Epson History


Client    |   Epson / Citizen Films

Studio   |   Mono

Role       |   UI + Motion Design

Once again I was invited by Mono to prepare data visualisation and UI elements for Epson. Together we've created a visual journey that tells the story of Epson – from initial ideas and design (focus on R&D), to testing and manufacture (innovation area). 


− Past to future −

Style evolution


− UI Language −



Dedicated Icons

I 've created a complex system of iconography to support each product category and feature presentation.


− Pitch styleframes −

Early Concept


PWC Collider

− Visual Data −

Startup Collider


Client      |   PWC

Studio     |   Fish Ladder

Role        |   UI Artist

For the launch of PWC Startup Collider initiative I was invited by Fish Ladder to conceptualize data visuals for modern connected world.



− Future Vision −

Epson Retail


Client    |   Epson / Citizen Films

Studio   |   Mono

Role       |   Motion Design

I worked with Mono and Citizen Films on a Retail Vision video for Epson Europe. I was responsible for creating all mobile products along with augmented reality apps and some additional 2D graphics featured in the video. In this project I was able to combine both my motion skills and interactive expertise.


− Augmented Reality −

Product Design


− Interactive design −

Mobile Apps


− 2D design −