− Branded −

Content + games


Over the years I always enjoyed projects that connect with the audience. Either for the entertainment industry or as a branded experience, I believe that added value and genuine insights play key role in user engagement.

Interactive entertainment that connects with people.


− Movie Premiere −

Thor : the dark world


Client      |   Marvel

Agency   |   WatsonDG

Role        |   Art Direction

Pitch comps I've prepared for the release of the new Thor movie. The main focus of the experience was to create a social platform with all the movie content snippets, while keeping the cinematic feel of Marvel Universe.



The ease of social sharing and conversation

plays a big role in modern movies campaign.


− Live Event −


A capture of the TomorrowWorld live stream features over 30 WebGL visualisations. The event streamed live to millions offering a second screen connectivity & a MotoX personalization tools.

Client      |   Google | MotoX

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Design Direction


A live-streaming, visual feast that brought in over 2.45 million users over the 3 day festival.


− Promo −


Apocalyptic Game


Pitch comps

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   UX + Design Direction

Style frames and user journey design for AAA game promo. In this online experience user travels through a world of anarchy and danger, forced to make choices, that he will not always feel comfortable with.


− TV series −

Peaky Blinders

Interactive Storytelling


Stroll around Birmingham just after the World War I. Discover its shady neighbourhoods and corrupted alliances. In the end, it just might save your life. Interactive story to promote Peaky Blinders series on Canal+.

Client      |   Canal+

Agency   |   HAVAS Worldwide Warsaw

Role        |   Creative + Design Direction


We introduced the audience to the dark flavour

of the series and European style of TV drama.


− SuperBowl −

Adblitz '15

YouTube Channel


Client      |   YouTube

Agency   |   Jam3

Role        |   Creative + Design Direction

We all love SuperBowl ads, and YouTube publishes them as they air, giving all the ad fans chance to vote on their favourites. Our challenge for 2015 was to encourage voting through interactive and very sport like visual.




Over 4 million users in the first 72hrs.